Saturday, 17 October 2009

No Photos yet

YES I Know I haven't yet uploaded the promised new images ... I WILL do it soon. I went into the studio for three short hours on Friday ... meant to get there earlier but best laid plans and all that ...

However, I did get two prints done from a previously made plate - Towards Lindesfarne - spent the morning experimenting with inking up the plate again. I do this a lot , each time hoping to improve on before. This plate is made up primarily of carborundum which I have knocked back with numerous coats of PVA applied randomly to create different levels of tone across the textures I've created.

I've sold several versions of the print - people seem to like the bright almost primary colours I used of turquoise, hot pinks, cadmium yellow deep and purple but this time I wanted something a little more subtle. Mixing cyan with lots of transparent ink I covered the whole plate with the one colour, wiped it back then began applying other colours with brushes sometimes working the colour into the underlying blue, at other times just skimming the raised surfaces of the plate and using a rag or tissue paper to blend the colours. It's somewhat akin to painting I think although I haven't done a huge amount of that.

Sometimes the colours get too blended and I have to go back to the base colour, add a bit more and tehn try again but there is a limit to how effective this can be as the more colours that have already been brushed over the surface and blended in the less the base colour is true. Still print number 1 was acceptable and print number 2 I was more happy with. They are now under the boards to dry.

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