Monday, 13 December 2010

Little bit of research - What makes a good gallery?

Here's a question for all you artists out there?

What would be on your wish list of the ideal gallery to deal with?

And if you're not an artist but you like art and you like visiting galleries and buying art, what is on YOUR wish list of the ideal gallery?

And finally, gallery owners, do you want to tell me what would be on your wish list of the ideal artist ... apart from the obvious in that you want an artist's work that sells. What would make it easier for you to sell an artist's work?

Answers in the comments box below please.

The best answers in all three categories will get one of my handmade notebooks and a book mark made from my recycled original prints. Closing date December 30th 2010


Ann lewis said...

With my browser's/buyer's hat on, a warm but not overly sickly-sweet welcome.

An excellent example last week was the White Lion Street Gallery in Tenby who offered us a cup of tea when we went in, then let us walk round un-hassled for a good 10 minutes whilst we looked at the work...then they asked if we were interested in anything in particular.

It felt genuine not pushy. I find that very important.

AnnL (printmaker)

Anonymous said...

As an artist I look for a few things-that the gallery 'handler' has my best interests in mind, that I am not treated like a 'dumb' artist and that the space is organized, professional and tidy. I have learned from a few mistakes and have become more conscious of how I work with galleries.

Victoria said...

Gallery owners who really like the work tell its stories to the visitors and explain the techniques with enthusiasm. Especially important with printmaking because it is not widely understood. In return, I'm happy to spend time with interested buyers, do a demo, etc. All based on clear agreement of terms.

Carol's Original Prints said...

Thanks for your responses so far.This is what I look for in a gallery:

What are they doing to earn the commission they charge me?

How does the gallery promote their artists? Press, mailing list, preview?

Do they know anything about me/know how the work is made so they can talk about it to potential customers?

How well is the work hung in the gallery - well thought out, cluttered, randomly?

Is the gallery owner/staff friendly and approachable?

Is there a clear agreement of the terms and conditions regarding commission, VAT, payment terms.?

Does the gallery pay promptly and provide clear statement with a breakdown of Artists price, Gallery price and commission taken.

Are you curious about me? said...

Thank you for this post and all of it's advice and ideas, as a novice and hopefully about to learn how to 'deal, cope and work with' etc. etc. gallery owners. I appreciate this post so much... I am taking notes. Keep them coming please.

I don't think that I can add anything much to what has been said....The most important thing to me as I enter a gallery is a cheery hello and a welcome that is not at all intimidating. It gets you off on the right foot and makes you feel comfortable.

Thanks once again.

Merry Christmas

Gail Brodholt said...

Prompt payment would be top of my list as I've written about in my latest post.

Gail Brodholt said...

And thanks, Carol, for an interesting post...

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