Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Reluctant response

Well after a very positive response last month to my decision to post 'How To' on different print media starting with Monotype, this month's response has been very disappointing so far.

Can any one tell me why? Is it collagraphs? Are you reluctant to share your working methods (and give away your secrets)? Please give me some feedback so I can address any issues, if possible.

I will move on to linocuts next at the beginning of July if collagraphs gets no further. Hopefully, the response will improve then.


Tracy Turner said...

Carol, where do you want the collagraph contributions? I can post something for you but is there a particular place to do this or is it just via these comment boxes? Sorry if I'm just being a bit dense.

northwoods trekker said...

sorry I have been totally occupied the past month with a solo show and also giving printmaking workshops. Hadn't had a chance to actually read others blogs like yours Carol until now so didn't know about the collagraph technique contributions. Also I think Tracy's question is valid..where do you post the contributions?

Carol's Original Prints said...

To answer those who might want to contribute you can do one of two things. If you have a blog of your own, write your contribution on your own blog making reference to mine so that anyone visiting your blog will not only get the benefit of your wisdom but be directed to my blog where they will find other contributions or links thereof.

If you don't have a blog (just a website which doesn't really fit with postings) then post your contribution as a comment on the 'relevant 'How To' posting on my blog.

When you have done that let me know and include a link back to your website/blog. Hope that makes things clearer.

Gail Brodholt said...

Hello, Carol
I've nearly finished my linocut how-to on my blog. I linked to you at the beginning and will do so again at the end.
Perhaps if you do resurrect the idea (a really good one by the way), you could link back to me?

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