Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Greetings Cards

I'm often get asked for advice about where to get greetings cards printed and who does mine. 

Amazingly in this day and age the chap who prints mine has no website or any other internet presence other than an email address so you can't go look, see. His name is Chris Oldroyd.

He dug me out of a hole one time before a Christmas Open Studio event turning my cards round and getting them to me in double quick time. It is too long and involved to go into the whole back story. Suffice to say he had sent me some samples before so I was reasonably confident of the print quality and card stock.

The great thing is he does small quantities. You don't have to order large numbers of each of your designs. I think his minimum order is 250 but that can be split between 1-4 images depending on the size and format of the card, square or A6/5, other. So, if like me you have lots of images and you're not sure which ones will prove to be the popular sellers you can order a small selection and go from there.

I did an internet survey using my Facebook and Twitter followers to narrow down my selection then placed my order. I now have 9 card designs but the line up of images is a work in progress. When I begin to run out I look at what was selling best, order more of them, ditch to slow sellers and replace with new images. Eventually I hope to have a bank of up to 12 images but I suspect there will always be a fluidity there as tastes change, my work moves on, etc.

The print quality is excellent and the card stock is good. He doesn't do envelopes and polyproylene envelopes. You have to buy those separately. I get mine from Mad About Cards

If you're interested here is his email address you can contact him here. Tell him I sent you.


Jacqui Dodds said...

Thank you for the link to the card printer Carol. I hand screenprint mine but there are some other designs that I would like to have printed.
Do you take the photos for your cards yourself?

Carols Original Prints said...

Hi Jacqui No I didn't take the photo myself. While I was at Allendale Forge Studios I organised a photographer to come in for the day and artists booked time with him at a more affordable rate that made professional photography more accessible.

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