Sunday, 19 October 2008

Christmas Exhibitions

I'm really pleased with the way my own work has been progressing. An extra day in the studio and less teaching this month has meant I can concentrate more on where I want to take it.

I'm doing landscapes very paired down to the minimum sometimes using well known landmarks that have a recognisable shape in silhouette. Each one sits on the horizon leaving lots of space in the foreground to play with and do interesting things with texture and colour. I sometimes incorporate smaller shaped plates which reference archeological landscape below the ground.

I've been working on two large plates, one of Dunstanburgh Castle and Lindesfarne. After a fair amount of trial and error I got two prints of each that I was happy with. Mike McFarlane (landscape photographer and friend) is photographing them for me this week before they go off for framing next week so I have some new images for cards, giclee prints and the web.

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