Monday, 6 October 2008

My very first blog

This is my very first blog and I'm struggling to figure out how it all works.

I am a printmaker based in Northumberland UK. I share a studio with another printmaker in the villahe of Horsley just 1 mile south of Hadrian's Wall. See for more information until I get this up and running.

I'm hoping this blog will allow me to reach out to fellow printmakers wherever you are and indeed anyone who loves this medium of original hand made prints.

Watch this space.


The Grocer said...

Nice to have another Northumbrian on board. (There's only 625 of us)
One word of advice your blog makes no mention of copyright which is the quickest way to get your designs stolen. You should get a Creative Common Licence, google it, well worth its free and will protect your work.
Best wishes for blogging.

Carol's Original Prints said...

Thanks for the advice. will ffollow up straight away.

Carol's Original Prints said...

By the way. Just wondering how you came across my first blog. I'm trying to find my round this and get an idea of how people find out about other blogs beyond their own.

The Grocer said...

If you view your profile then click on the 'Northumberland' field you should get a list of all Bloggers Profiles in Northumberland. The list is ordered based on most recent activity. You can search the same way based on occupation or UK. Also I tend to browse the blog lists on blogs i've enjoyed reading to see what they are reading.
You can set google to search blogs only by clicking on More and then blogs.
Try although most of the content is from the US. Hope it all helps.

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