Monday, 16 March 2009

Step 3

With the paper and window mount still trapped under the roller I took a flyer and inked up the first plate again in another pale colour. I had no idea whether it would work given this was a third layer of wet ink with a lot of white in it I thought perhaps it might obliterate the poppies underneath. However, I was very happy with the result. My students were gratifyingly impressed too.

Friday turned out to be a very busy class with my students just fizzing with ideas on how to take what I had just shown them into their own work so what is not shown here is the same plates printed with using blended roll ups. I blended the same buttery yellow with a mid blue (mixed with transparent ink on the patterned plate and the poppy plate with cadmium yellow deep and magenta. Printed one over the other and was rather chuffed with the result. That turned out really well.

I only did it with a two plate print as we all agreed that a thrid layer might just be far too busy. I'll photograph it this week to demonstrate.

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