Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Art Tour preparations

Yes, although The Art Tour doesn't start until mid June, preparation starts many months in advance. I have been busy bullying and cajoling the other artists to provide me with individual press releases and media fact sheets. We are already too late for monthly national publications.

Today we got together for a press photo shoot to go with our press release which I will pass on to the publicity team on the Art Tour, all volunteers. In addition to The Art Tour brochure our group of ten are producing an A5 postcard which we will distribute to our mailing lists and local businesses. The pub opposite the Hearth, The Lion & Lamb have been great in the way they have been so enthusiastic and willing to help.

They are offering £5 discount voucher off meal bills over £30 during the event. In addition they will be putting up a marquis where my daughter and a friend will be doing face painting on the children of parents who want some peace and quiet to eat and/or take it in turns to come across the road to look at the artists work. This will supplement Rosie's children's mask making workshops. Sue Malkin's children will be busking live on the open studio days.

We've discovered there are 3 National Trail walks from The Hearth, 2 to Hadrian's Wall and one lovely one to Horsley Wood and there is a heritage walk in the village itself. All this we have to fit into a press release and make it exciting for journalists. Mike McFarlane's wife is going to write it.

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