Friday, 17 April 2009

All Change

I finally got back into the studio yesterday although in the end I allowed myself too many distractions to get a huge amount of work done checking out the recent changes with existing artists moving around to bigger studios and a new tenant moving in to the vacated attic studios.

The biggest pleasure was opening the door to the adjoining studio to ours (access to ours is through this one). Melanie Hopwood - ceramicist has moved from a smaller studio at The Hearth, (in the manse) to become our next door neighbour in the Garden studio (at the end of the church hall).

Oh to enter a studio that is so clean, so tidy, where you can actually see the floor; her work is beautifully set out so you can see it clearly and want to buy it immediately. All her tools of trade, clay, glazes, etc stored neatly under the work benches, an absolute pleasure to walk into. I couldn't believe it was the same room - the space, the room to move.

And Mandy Pattullo, our guest tutor, has moved in to the manse part of The Hearth. She now occupied the top attic studios. I'm planning to sign up for one of her textile courses and her unusual papers course. I can't wait. I'll post photos next time.

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