Friday, 15 May 2009

Playing round with ideas.

Today I started playing around with some ideas I've been turning over in my mind for a while. My recent work has been loosely or not so loosely based on the landscape with references to the archeological history above and below the ground. I've been toying with turning this on its head and making the focus of the images on the found obejects possibly with the landscape in the background and printing in layers.

In my teaching of collagraphs I usually have loads of mounting card with a variety of textures randomly pasted over the area and I recently cut these up into vessel shapes of various sizes. Today I thought I would have a play with a couple of them and print them in layers with one of my blind emobssed frames. I really need to make some new plates to carry the ideas out properly but these are work in progress. I think I can see which direction or directions I could take this.

PS. Once the camera batteries are recharged I will post up the Sycamore Gap prints from yesterday and todays' efforts. It is plugged in as we speak.

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