Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Print Fest Ulverston

Bill - Etching by Julia Manning

Today I managed to get away to Ulverston for the day to do some research into the annual Print Fest.

Rebecca and I have been wondering if this event would be worth our while at some point in the future but have never taken the plunge. It is a lot of effort and when you consider that realistically you really have to pay for accommodation as well it pushes up costs so it has to have the best chance of being worth while?

So this Bank Holiday weekend, with Chris in Scotland, I needed a plan rather than bringing a reluctant 13 year old round with me in tow. Not good for parent/child relations. I managed to 'palm off' my off spring and set off at 9 this morning.

I found Ulverston Town Hall with relative ease with bronze of Laurel & Hardy out front and entered a packed hall full of visitors. Place abuzz with LOTS of visitors. Made good use of my time getting into several conversations with exhibiting printmakers to get their views on the success or otherwise of the event. Most who had done it before said they noticed a down turn in sales but when I later bought a print from Julia Manning (above) and went to pay at the central card paying facility the organisers reported that by Saturday night card sales had by far and away surpassed last year's entire weekend sales.

I think I picked up several potential 'guest' tutors in a variety of media that live within a reasonable distance to Northumberland and would be able to bring something different to the media we can easily teach at Horsley.

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