Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Three and a half weeks to Art Tour

Tomorrow I have to join Rebecca in the studio as a PR agency for The Art Tour have organised a photo-shoot of the two of us in our studio. The photos will go out with a press release about us and how we came to be working together. Theme I think is working mothers and how we fit this in around our families.

Before or after that we have to catch up with each other - difficult to do when we are never generally in on each other's studio days. There are some pressing issues that have to be resolved like our summer school leaflet which must be ready in time for the Art Tour, autumn course plan and exhibition plans post Art Tour and last but not least tackling the thorny issue of how to resolve credit and debit card payments which we currently cannot offer but which most defnintely affects level of sales every year. Last but not least we have to hang our work in The Lion & Lamb in time for the Bank holiday weekend.

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