Monday, 2 November 2009

Sketching out ideas

I seem to spend my life with ideas swirling round and round in my head until I don't know if I'm Arthur or Martha. Now that the work for the Christmas exhibition at The Biscuit Factory is just about in the bag I have to start almost straight away to think about work for the Spring exhibition.

I have a rough timeline worked out. I've never worked like this before so I don't know if it will help or hinder my creativity however yesterday I started to put some of those ideas downon paper as thumbnail sketches. Here they are. I like one or two. Others need further thought, all need carefull thought as to how to go about achieving the best end result.

IF these ideas bear fruit I have a very strong basis for a good body of work. The plan is to work all these up as plates first then begin printing them methodically in January. If anyone has an opinion on any of the ideas I'd welcome the feedback.

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