Sunday, 8 November 2009

Started Teaching Again

This Friday saw the start of my Drypoint and Carborundum course over 4 Fridays. 4 people enrolled - a nice small group to work with in the studio. Three of them are returning students, Anne Bayliss, whose been coming for many many years, Sylvia Lynch, an illustrator who comes on our courses for relaxation and Marion Prentice who is also an extremely talented artist who works in many media. Neil Pont is the 'new boy', a retired head teacher who is also a painter.

The course is new for me as it is for them, I've been experimenting with combining drypoint with my carborundum collagraphs and the ideas featured a few days ago on my blog are also for combining the two print media. It's important to try and keep things fresh in teaching the workshops not only forme so I don't get board but also to offer something new and interesting to existing students in order that they feel they are stretching themselves when they keep coming back. It's a challenge to ensure that what I'm teaching will work equally well with complete novices. In a group of 4 people it is quite easy to do.

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Anonymous said...

hi carol,
as you can see i am very bad at keeping up writing,, i find this site hard to move around also and cant seem to do anything with ease on it... is it just me? your blog page is laid out very well and you keep up to date, but i dont really do enough work to have so much to write about!!!

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