Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Good News! Camera cable found and more

Well my best news is that I received an email yesterday from Printfest 2010 to say I had made a successful application to take part in the event this year. It takes place at Coronation Hall, Ulverston, which I think is on Lake Coniston ... please excuse my ignorance, I am not a native Brit ... Anyway, I am very pleased about that so now I know I have something to aim at for the summer and it was OK to take the risk not to be involved with Art Tour at The Hearth. Hopefully, it will prove to be a fruitful move for me.

Coming with me is Kim Lewis who will man the Horsley Printmakers stand ... I have one to myself. She will have her own work up alongside Chris Daunt and Rebecca.

AND ... I found the camera cable so my work is now uploaded onto Flickr which you can access from this page.


aine scannell said...

Well done Carol on Printfest. The area which you seem not to know much about is a very picturesque one. Don't know though if you will have time for sightseeing.
You mention you are not a native Brit which has me curious??


Carol's Original Prints said...

Hi Aine,
I'm Irish but grew up in colonial Africa - Zambia to be precise - so my geography education was mainly about the African British colonies.

I am familiar with the Lake District but not the detail, which lake is where and called what if you get my drift.

Have you done Printfest before? I went to Printfest last year to check it out. I was quite impressed so decided to apply this year and see if I would be accepted. They are always oversubscribed and seem to invite back several regulars which creates further limitations on available spaces. I was very pleased when I got the news because I had opted out of the Northumberland Art Tour and there would have been a huge hole in my summer calendar if I hadn't pulled it off.

I'm quite excited about it because it is a chance to meet a whole new 'informed' audience.

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