Monday, 15 February 2010

Hexham Embroiderers Guild

On Saturday afternoon I was invited by the Hexham Embroiderers Guild to give a talk about printmaking and specifically how it can be used as the basis for textile and embroidery work. I have run a number of courses in the past in collagraphs and monotype where we have encouraged the participants to print on canvas/fabric or paper. Mandy Pattullo has also done this in her work.

I had gathered a number of samples together of Mandy's work so the women could see the progression from print to applique, machine and hand stitching, etc.

I was somewhat phased when I arrived. Not really expecting the number of people that there were. The place was packed and I suddenly felt very unprepared. However, I divided the samples between collagraphs, monotypes, linocuts - which were the samples we have but not the limit of what printmaking media you can use to print on fabric. I talked through what the various print media were and what the possiblities were. I had an hour to fill ... an hour ... I thought I would never be able to talk for that long ... but I did and the feedback was pretty good afterwards so that was a big relief.

It will hopefuly result in enrolments on our courses and possibly some additional courses being put on as well for them.

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