Monday, 15 March 2010

Preview night at The Biscuit Factory

The preview to the Horsley Printmakers/Biscuit Factory Spring Exhibition opened to a packed audience on Friday night. The place was thrumming with art lovers coming to see the spring offering of art work including our prints. The Biscuit Factory had hung the work really well and lots of our students exhibiting for the first time were excited to see their work on the walls and the public milling around them taking it all in and discussing the work in great detail very favourably.

The proof is in the pudding as they say and by the end of the night there were 10 prints sold by my counting. Kim Lewis sold three of her linocuts, Melissa Bateson sold two large landscapes, Ann Bayliss sold her collagraph Frog - she was very satisfied with that because Rebecca had been a bit sceptical of the BF teams choice of a frog simply because she thought Frogs are not what people buy in a print. She was wrong to which she readily admitted. Marion Williams sold two of her etchings, I sold a large collagraph landscape and Rebecca sold an unframed monotype landscape oh yes and Mandy sold a lovely flower monotype. That makes it 11 prints sold. Not sure if there were any other unframed pieces sold.

Photos will follow as soon as the camera batteries are recharged and the cable is found. Once again it has gone walk about. One of the disadvantages of my new laptop - the cable moves round the house with it and so it is never in the same place when I need it like it used to be when I used my PC for the job.

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