Friday, 2 April 2010

Horsley Printmakers at The Hearth this Easter

Horsley Printmakers is open this weekend as part of The Hearth's Easter Open Studios. I'm not in attendance - when it was in the planning stages I wasn't sure if I would be around as we had hoped to visit my family in Dublin. However that visit was put on hold as my daughter is preparing for important exams in a few short weeks. Anyway, I need the break to recharge my batteries. I'm off to Glasgow tomorrow for the night to meet up with an old friend. However, I did pop in today after dropping my son at the station on his way to spend some time with his cousin.

Depending on ones sales success Rebecca reported a good day - she sold 2 or 3 prints, one large one, so she was happy but some of the other artists felt the day was quiet and a bit flat, ie small sales. If I had been there I would have been in the same boat, one card and one notebook sold!

However, to counteract that poor showing I also heard from The Bakehouse Gallery that I sold three large prints in the last week. The Bakehouse seems to be a very good outlet for me.

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