Tuesday, 20 July 2010

An accolade from a respected printmaker


Image Copyright of Mariann Johansen Ellis

This week I received a very flattering email from Mariann Johansen Ellis, a printmaker whose blog I've been following for a while. I first came across her when I was searching for videos on YouTube about printmaking methods. Mariann has made a number of instructional videos which give the uninitiated an idea of the steps that are involved in reductive linocuts and the etching process although, when it comes to etching, she is using the traditional approach to etching where we have moved toward acrylic resist etching.

Anyway, this email arrived saying some very complimentary things about our programme of printmaking courses. I'm a bit slow on the uptake sometimes and it wasn't until after I had sent her an email thanking her for her kind words that I realised there was a link embedded in her email to her own website which takes you to a far more public complimentary write up of her reaction to our courses. So here I am blowing our trumpet but one good turn deserves another so by providing you with a link back to her blog where you will find loads of interesting links including ones to those videos I mentioned and you can see more about her on her website.

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