Thursday, 5 August 2010

New additions to the 'How To' series on linocuts

I picked up a link last week through Twitter to another fantastic printmaker's website Laura Boswell on Linocuts. Under "Techniques' she takes you through the step by step process of cutting a linocut, making multiple block prints and reduction linocuts.

You'll find more on Laura on her blog here.

The other person who is definitely worth a look is Marion Prentice's website. Marion is one of our students but she has taken what we taught her and gone off into a league all of her own so that now we must get her back as a guest tutor! She makes fantastically detailed linocuts incorporating Chin Colle. SHe has had huge success this year with sales of her work. She sold out at our spring exhibition at The Biscuit Factory and I believe she did very well in her first solo exhibition at Pebble gallery in Allendale.

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