Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hello 2011

Well, the house is quiet for the first time in weeks and I have just enough time to add a short post to my blog before I get on with some domestic catching up.

The Biscuit Factory Spring Exhibition is coming up soon and Rebecca and I are beginning to collect the work that will go to the selection meeting at the end of this month. Mandy Pattullo, one of our guest tutors, has clearly been very busy over the Christmas period. I picked up this image on her blog 'Thread and Thrift' this morning. Despite the snowy conditions she has clearly managed to get into the studio to make some really stunning new work.

Monotype by Mandy Pattullo - Jug 1
I have yet to achieve the same success. A combination of the snowy conditions and a variety of domestic crisis have somewhat thwarted my ability to focus, let alone produce any new work. I'm hoping this week will change all that.

It does rather feel that the gods are against me at the moment throwing a variety of spanners in the works that interfere on the creative front. The biggest problem I have is that this has created a certain state of mind that I REALLY need to throw off if I am going to achieve success this year.

If you want to find out more about the up and coming Spring exhibition see 'Print to Impress' on the Horsley Printmakers website where you will also see information on our spring workshops.

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