Wednesday, 30 March 2011

How much are my prints worth and indeed my time?

I subscribe to Handmadeology newsletter and today there was an interesting article about "How much is your experience worth?"

It taps into a pretty thorny subject for most artists (and indeed anyone who offers a service). The article brought to mind a recent conversation I had at The Biscuit Factory at a recent preview. The gallery owner told us how a young artist, very talented but still lots to learn, submitted a painting for an exhibition. The young man was still at school and this was his first show outside of school. He was extremely confident in his abilities and there was no doubt he was very talented (otherwise he would not have been invited to exhibit). When asked for a price for the piece he was submitting the price was a 5 figure sum! By far and away it was the highest price of any of the work in the gallery exhibiting the work of regionally, nationally and internationally known artists including a Damien Hirst screen print.

That young man may eventually turn out to be the next Damien Hirst but the point is experience (and reputation) plays a large part in what you ask for your work even if you can (now) dash something off quite quickly. What do you think?


Diane Marsland said...

Hi, Costing a painting or any product is really difficult. It is not just time and experience but originality, the market place and perceived value....... a constant headache..... this young guy may be very lucky, being in the right place at the right time.... or he may have to take many disappointments along the way and have a hard slog.

Mariann Johansen-Ellis/Cascada Studio said...

braver than me, you are, Carol, I've been working on a blog post for ages now on the strategy of pricing.... at the end of the day, it is personal , but hey, there are some good "rules' to apply..... :o) Mariann

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