Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Advice received with thanks

I would just like to thank everyone who responded to my last request for advice. Especially Susanne Clarke and Gail Brodholt who both alerted me to the term 'Vanity Gallery'. In other words galleries you pay to represent you thus removing the impetus for them to sell on your behalf because hey, they've been paid already! As it happened Gail Brodholt sent me a link to Joanna Mattera's Art Blog which explains the whole business really well. In the interest of spreading the word to other artists who might need similar advice take a look for yourselves, one of the galleries mentioned contacted me. 

I have learned something new today and needless to say I have no intention of pursuing it any further. This internet thing is great. An answer in less than 24 hours!


ian said...

I don't know how common they are in the NE, but around here in Wiltshire there are several galleries which charge wall rent, but then take a much reduced commission - sometimes as low as 10-15%. These seem to be a more benign version of the scammers who want huge sums up front and then still take 50%. They don't claim to do any representation, but in small towns they often have built up quite a mailing list.

Carol's Original Prints said...

Hi Ian
We have one or two. The trouble with renting wall space is that the quality of the work is very mixed. The one that immediately springs to mind which I won't name didn't last that long. And really talented people were hanging their work beside some who really weren't very good at all. Eventually those really talented artists voted with their feet and stopped renting space choosing instead to pay the higher commission fees in order to be taken more seriously and so the quality of the work got worse and worse until the gallery closed down. I dare say though that fro some it was their first chance to get their work out there and it may have lead to better chances with more established galleries.

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