Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Exhibition delivery made

This morning I drove up to The Bakehouse Gallery with the remaining prints for the exhibition that opens on Saturday. I don't know about you fellow artists who might also exhibit but do you always deliver your own work or do you send it via some other means some or all of the time?

Alnwick is a good 50 minute journey from where I live, there and back, so best part of two hours just in travel time alone not counting loading and unloading and a bit of banter and a cup of coffee. Time usefully spent? Or time wasted when you could be doing other more productive things? What's your view?

Here's my view for what it is worth. Occasionally, I think it is absolutely necessary and should NOT be seen as a time wasting chore. Today was no exception. I deliberately took the decision to take half the consignment there myself today rather than organise for it to go with the van from the framers. Fiona, the gallery owner, had offered to collect the work from either Horsley Printmakers or Rebecca's house because she is quite often in Newcastle so, in theory, there was no necessity for me to make the journey. However, it's not only been a while since I had a proper chat with Fiona, but I feel it is really important to touch base and physically be in the gallery from time to time. It's a nebulous thing but seeing what else is on the walls, who's new, who's being successful and becoming established, just getting a chance to chat can be very productive.

For me today, it was no less so. We chatted about lots of things including pricing, feedback, tips, pointers and ideas to develop. I made a contact with one of her other artists who will prove very useful in the context of my new job (starts tomorrow) as far as workshops are concerned and a whole lot more. So, was it a waste of a morning? Absolutely not!

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