Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A little background to where I work...

A little background to where I am now working ... The Allendale Forge is run along cooperative lines. This works in the following way. You join as a full member or a network member by paying either a monthly or annual fee. Each membership level has its own package of benefits. 

As a full member your fee includes commission free sales at The Forge. As a network member the smaller annual fee includes reduced commission on sales. Both membership packages include access to one of 5 hand held credit card machines that you can use at craft fairs and other events. Very useful these days when so few people carry much cash and cheque books are being phased out. 

Now that I am responsible for pulling together a programme of workshops I am aware that many of the current members (and others) would like to run workshops or have done but would like to do it better and so following on from the success of the talk I gave before this year's annual Art Tour on 'How to run a Workshop' I thought I would run another talk which is open to members and non-members alike.

If you're interested in finding out more about membership call me on 01434 683975 or email me on carol.nunan@allendaleforgestudios.co.uk

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Ian Bertram said...

Did you know that your RSS feed seems to have disappeared? I thought it was a short term glitch, but trying to add it agaon into my RSS reader I get the message no feeds found.

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