Friday, 25 May 2012

A Milestone Reached

I suddenly realised this evening that today marks a rather large milestone. My youngest child - he's 16 - had his last day at school today - ever! Next year he goes on to college to study film and video production.

These are some of his images taken with a 35mm Minolta.

So how does this fit here on my printmaking blog?

Fifteen years ago when LJ was still a toddler I was recovering from post natal depression. I was sleep starved and much of the first twelve months of his little life is a fuzzy haze. By the time he was 18 months old I was beginning to feel half way human again and it was at that point I discovered printmaking.

For the first few years it was a hobby, a time just for myself to play, although at times I had to fight for that space.  Then I began to sell the odd print; I also started to teach (beginning with maternity leave cover for my former tutor at the university); then she and I became business partners and started an independent printmaking studio together.

Now here I am; here we are, my son and I, my husband and daughter too; here we all are on the cusp of something new. My son to follow his dreams as a sports film maker, my daughter on the cusp of university and my other half and I on the cusp of something new, based on my printmaking. Who'd 'a thought it?

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Mary said...

Your son's talent shows in his photos. And so does yours ... talent for printmaking, talent for mothering. It's an exciting time you're embarking on. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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