Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmas get together

A last minute idea on my part culminated in a most enjoyable evening to celebrate Christmas. Nine printmakers meeting in the Lion & Lamb pub across the road from the studio for a meal and Geordie 'banta.'

I am full of brainwaves I am. When I came up with the original idea - I thought it would be good if we had a show and tell icebreaker in the pub's cosy lounge. Everyone brought one or more prints to show and tell what they were up to in our workshops.

It worked a treat! We all have a shared love of printmaking so it was really interesting to see different manifestations of creativity, be inspired and encourage students to try other courses.

There were some beautiful examples of simple artists books made using shaped animal linocuts, in some cases combined with chin colle with several variations on simple bindings and recycling of collagraph plates from the evening class whilst one of the weekend students brought a beautiful print on textiles that she subsequently stitched into.

It was a lovely sociable evening, food was good and the 'banta' most enjoyable. Looking forward to repeating it.

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