Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Work for the new year

I began a couple of collagraph plates in the week before Christmas which I have not yet printed. I am hoping they will work out. The first one began with no particular prior sketching or preparitory work. I tend to like working instinctively although I do sometime make some quick pen and ink thumbnails. The second one is a plate which I have not yet had a successful print but with further work to the plate and some adjustments to the inking I am optimistic it will print well.

The other one began with a simple piece of that raised wall paper. I have built other textured surfaces around that first piece using wall tile cement and masking tape layered up and with torn edges. I also coated the surface with several layers of PVA which once I set it all with Klear floor polish (which prevents the PVA being reactivated by the damp paper) I think, I have put too much on and the surface is too shiny. I am back in the studio next week to begin the first pulls. I hope it will be OK.

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