Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Exciting times

On Monday I had a meeting with Rebecca with whom I share the studio. We are talking about the courses we want to run in the coming year. In 3 months time we will have a new resident ceramicist in the studio next to ours, Melanie Hopwood.

We are looking at running a number of printmaking courses where the students get the opportunity to make and print plates on paper and then move onto using their plates to print onto clay and form 3D ephemera from the clay. This expands the idea we started with whereby some who come to our printmaking classes print onto fabric and/or canvas and then take the prints to another stage either through the addition of textiles and embroidery or with paint. We have a number of artists like Glynnis Carter (painter) and Mandy Pattullo (textiles - who teaches some of our courses) who do this.

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