Thursday, 22 January 2009


I am beginning to have mild panic about whether I will have enough work for our forthcoming exhibition at The Biscuit Factory. However, today I had a breakthrough with one of my plates. I made it a while ago when I went on a course at Peter Wray's. I really liked it but hadn't yet managed to get a print I was completely satisfied with. I left it alone and then as I often do with old plates I returned to it last week and printed it several times. Each time I was satisfied with a part of the plate but not the whole of it.

I began on it again today and had printed it twice with increasing success but still not there yet and getting a little frustrated because time is running out and I needed to move on if it wasn't going to work this time. Then a friend of mine, Sue Malkin arrived, a very talented painter as I was printing the plate for the 5th time. She saw in it and the previous plates what I was struggling to see and suggested that it reminded her of Hareshaw Lyn waterfall in Bellingham. Bingo! I knew what to do next!

I changed my colour palette slightly and hey presto the resulting prints were exactly where I wanted it to go. Thank you Sue. And I WILL get some phots posted soon to accompany this text.

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