Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Addendum to Working Methods - Part 1

Based on some really useful feedback from printmaker Aine Scannell I will endeavour to address her comments in the near future. I am very aware that I should be documenting the progress of a print whilst in the studio but keep forgetting to bring a camera every time I go in to the studio.

This is partly down to the afore mentioned attention span of a gnat and partly because at present I do not have my own camera, relying instead on the good will of my husband to lend me his. He gets a bit shirty when his camera stays too long in my work bag or the memory card fills up with my stuff!! Which I guess is understandable.

The other comment was about being able to click on the images to get a larger view and I'm sorry ... I don't know how to do that! I'll try to work it out but input from non-technophobes would be welcome. I'm not completely technophobic but some things do get the better of me.

1 comment:

ainesse said...

it's me again...... Aine. Nice to read your post explaining your situation re camera or non possession of a camera rather!!

RE images being larger when the blog visitor clicks on them . You simply make the image about 30 cm the longest side and of course do it through the "save for web" option in Photoshop . If indeed you have PS. If you don't you just make the images 72 dpi.
Apologies if I am stating the obvious. I know how tricky it can be to do the documenting the stages/process whilst one is in the throes of printmaking. It's something I got into the habit of through being a member of the

printmakers group on Flickr
and thereafter through starting my blog. I started the blog when my studio got "boxed" up while we were about to move out of London and up here to Scotland. Then 6 months later we moved here again !! Never again.


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