Thursday, 12 February 2009

New work

I have just been spending the morning uploading some of my work that is going into The Biscuit Factory Spring Exhibition. The prints above are part of a set of 5. The colour image in the centre of each print is about 4 cm square which I have 'framed' with a blind emboss using an uninked collagraph plate. I really like using this device with my work and it has been well received by previous buyers.

I'm sorry I'm aware the photos are not that great. It is difficult to photograph blind emboss if you aren't a prorfessional photographer who knows what they are doing. I'm also aware that if you click on the images they don't come up that big. I'll have to re-do them in Photoshop. I now have a Flicker account so I will be posting my new work on there soon. I'll flag it up here when I have.


northwoods trekker said...

these are really nice Carol
Like the blind emboss surrounding each colour square. Sets them off and the added three dimensionality of the emboss adds to the overall effect.

Carol's Original Prints said...

Thanks Brian. I receently ran a workshop doing this kind of collagraph printmaking and also included using Chine Colle for the added colour. It was great fun and provided inspiration for my most recent work on florals.

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