Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Northern Print Bienniale

"Northern Print is the centre for contemporary printmaking in the North East. They have initiated the Northern Print Biennale in partnership with culture 10 to be the first major project concentrated on printmaking in the UK for 20 years. The aim is to reward and promote excellence through showcasing the very best in new British and international printmaking through an extensive programme of activities."

Question is should I put work forward for this? I have never entered my work into any of these shows taking fright at the prospect of looking stupid alongside much better printmakers than me. I imagine the selectors, who are all very high and mighty from places like the V&A,
thinking I am deluding myself to think for one minute my work should be considered alongside that of nationally and internationally reknowned printmakers.

Or am I just looking for excuses not to test myself?

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Amie Roman said...

If you can afford £20 for the entry fee, and it's something that you would be delighted at being accepted into, then it's worth the application. If you don't enter, you can't possibly be accepted; if you're declined, well, that gives you something to strive for in two years' time (it is a bienniale, after all!). Good luck, and I reckon you should go for it!

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