Sunday, 29 March 2009

Latest work.

These are the prints I have been working on this week. A new plate 45 x 45 cm and an older but still recent one 40 x 40 cm. I covered most of the plate with texture paste, then scattered carborundum over two thirds of it. I set a smaller old plate into the carborundum/texture paste and left it to dry. Later I brushed off the loose carborundum and sealed the plate with shellac I normally use KLEAR floor polish. (I wanted to see how much of a difference it made to the ease/degree of difficulty of inking up carborundum which tends to be extremely absorbitant and difficult.)

Iprinted it the previous week but the plate soaked up far too much ink and reduced the wiping rag to fluff so the print was covered in inky fluffy rubbish. I knocked it back with another two coats of shellac. I'm not there yet but reasonably happy. Sometimes you revisit your prints with a fresh eye before you can decide if the effort was worth it.

The next two prints are from the plate I called 'Storm on the Way' previously. I did what I always do and changed the colour palette. One is more reminiscent of dusk I think and the other of dawn. I'm particularly happy with these. They are better in the flesh. A poorly lit hall is not conducive to taking decent shots. There is a shadow on the one on the right down the middle from the window it was under but otherwise the light was at just the right angle to pick up the emboss really well.

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ainesse said...

Hi Carol

just thought I would pop along to see what you have been up to in your print studio. I have looked at these 2 plates you have been working on. I agree that, the second one (and the second photo of it) is probably the most satisfactory.
It's a co incidence but I have been thinking that I want to get far more exploratory with my approach to collagraphs.
Having said that I just got myself set up with a compressor and air spray pen thing - so I will finally be able to do acrylic etch spray to get tone. That is without the awful toxicity that one has to otherwise encounter. It has horrible effects on me so I had to do it!! Do you guys have one at your print studio? I am looking forward to trying it out.

Working on a dry point at the moment which is murder on my hands and wrists ( it's not a small plate)!!. Anyway good work and always enlightening to "listen" to you 'talking' about the ups and downs and ins and outs of the process of the plate making and the proofing thereafter.

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