Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Art Tour Opportunities

One of the downsides of The Art Tour - and there aren't many, this one is most unusual - is that one's contact details are available to allow those interested in buying something, arranging a workshop or indeed commissions to get hold of one. However, it also leaves one open to silly buggers or weirdos.

I got a call the other day from someone claiming to be interested in a commission. However, as I talked to this person my suspicions were raised. He asked for a self portrait (which I don't do) but as the conversation evolved it was clear this person was either taking the mickey or he had some strange ideas. Anyway, naively I invited him to discuss it at the studio mainly because I thought if he's serious he'll turn up and if he's taking the mick he probably won't. I was convinced he was a mickey taker when he said he would be arriving on horseback from his job as a florist to discuss a picture of himself as a mallard duck flying over the countryside ... you get my drift!!

I am not alone it would seem as later that day I had an email from the NETWORK co-ordinator about a guy having phoned several artists about a commission, no details given but sounded a littel more worrying given that I had invited this person, who I cannot contact as he withheld his number to come to my studio. I am now hoping he's no weirdo and just someone having a laugh at our expense.

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