Wednesday, 17 June 2009

First weekend of Art Tour

Saturday saw the start of the summer Art Tour. We're open on Saturdays for the first time. Traditionally the studios opened on Sundays only. In the past, the bulk of our visitors have been mostly people from the region but with a growing tourist element.

However, last year's visitor survey revealed an interest amongst the public for Saturday opening even though previous artists' experience has been that local people use Saturdays to do their chores and confine their trips out to Sundays.

Not being sure what to expect, we had a steady stream of visitors all day Saturday - mostly people coming to look see rather than buy. On Sunday, Rebecca reported a further steady stream of visitors but she felt numbers were down on last year. However, the weather can be a big factor. On Saturday the weather was good and I'm sure people decided, 'Hang the chores, I'm going to make the most of the good weather!' On Sunday the weather continued hot and sunny so I think many headed off to the coast.

The Art Tour isn't just about sales. It is as much about promoting ourselves to the public and a chance to get feedback direct from the public and also to educate - many have no idea what an original print actually is. We have been approached by two galleries, one in West Yorkshire and one in East Yorkshire to show our work. The former wants us in their summer exhibition in July and the latter when they open later on in the year.

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