Saturday, 1 August 2009

Blog catch up

I'm very aware that I haven't been posting quite so regularly. With the summer holidays on us now and the odd decent day weather wise I tend to find other things to do even though I have been getting inot the studio on my regular Thursdays at least.

However once there, there is always something else other than creative stuff that needs doing. Two Thursdays have been taken up packing work for two summer exhibitions at the two new (to us) galleries - Calder Gallery in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire and The Smokehouse Gallery in Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders.

Last week although there was not the same quantity of work to send off it meant that work had to come off the studio walls and therefore spaces had to be filled in between at least 10 visitors! How many I hear you say? OK so 10 ain't that mind blowing but it is 10 more than I'm used to seeing outside of open studio events and I was very conscious there wasn't that much to see because it was all swathed in bubble wrap.

Exhibition preparation aside I have made a start on some new work. I am starting a series of square aluminium plates with collagraph and drypoint as an experiment in preparation for a Friday course I hope to teach in November and also beccause I have long intended to make some collagraphs on metal plates which I want to combine with etching an/or drypoint. The first one is looking quite promising ... images to follow as usual ... but I'm experiencing slight problems with the collograph materials coming off the plate. I did not however degrease to start with so that's going to be my next try out.

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