Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Dog Walking and Printmaking

What's the connection? Well, this September my son started high school. He is not going to the local school but catching a bus at an ungodly hour to get to school in Blaydon. There is a connection ... you just have to be patient. It was my son's job to walk the dog in the mornings before he goes to school but now that he has such an early start it seemed a bit unreasonable to expect him to get up even earlier than he does now.

So I was forced to bow to the inevitable ... muggins here is now walking the dog! However, I'm actually enjoying it ... wait until the weather gets colder,darker, wetter ... I might feel differently then. There is an added bonus - and this is where the printmaking comes in - Hexham is a beautiful market town with a lovely medieval abbey at its heart and a calm green space called the Sele Park. At 7 in the morning it is a peaceful haven and whilst walking the dog I'm seeing things I normally don't pay any attention to because I'm rushing around getting things done.

So I've started going out with my sketch book and a camera (because the dog isn't very patient and doesn't like it when I stop for too long to draw.) I know I shouldn't be surprised but there is a wealth of material for me to use in my work. I have loads of ideas for some multi-plate linocuts and possibly wood cuts. Maybe, in time even some wood engravings.

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