Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Mandy's evening class

I had one of those Eureka moments in Mandy's evening class last night! After Mandy's quick recap demo of what I missed last week (in particular Chin Colle) she let me dip into her treasure trove Chin Colle bag of papers - accummulated over many years of collecting scraps of paper from everywhere. I began experimenting with a page from Elle Decoration of patterned table mat designs, a piece of Trompe D'Oiel wall paper, and a picture of a salad from one of the Sunday supplement magazines. I took small scraps and incorporated them into a linocut I started at the beginning of the week. I'd printed stage one of a reductive print and this was stage two having cut some more detail out of the plate. The patterned table mat designs, and the Trompe D'Oiel worked but not the salad.

As I was nearing the end of the class I decided to just test out one of the other plates which did need more cutting but the basic shape/form was there and it would do just to test an idea I had using a page from a 1960s Women's Weekly magazine on embroidery stitches. There was some spare gold ink that someone else was using so rather than try and mix something and make more mess to clear up I rolled the plate up with the gold ink, cut out a piece of the magazine of flower stitches and printed the plate over this scrap and onto the base hahnemuhle and it all came together beautifully. I was so excited. THIS is what I wanted to get my head around. It's all about chosing the right piece of scrap paper to match the subject and take it somewhere one did not necessarily envisage at the outset but which takes ones idea to a competely different level of lateral thinking.

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