Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Work progresses

I'm sorry there hasn't been much in the way of visuals to chart my progress recently. I have had a household full of sick husband, and children so my energies have been somewhaat sapped and when I do get to the studio I feel I have to make the most of the time and print rather than stop to record what I am doing.

I am responably pleased with the last set of plates I was printing and I am reaching the end of what I need to have ready for the framers by November 6th.

I have also been attending Mandy's 'Ex Libris' course and spent some of my time last week cutting the plates - 3 so far based on details I see on my daily walks round the Sele Park in Hexham and Hexham Abbey. Unfortunately, I missed last nights class because my daughter had been violently ill during the night and we ended up at Hexham general until 5 in the morning so I was somewhat wasted by last night.

However, daughter is on themend now and I will gt to the studio tomorrow and carry on printing the editions.

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