Friday, 2 October 2009

Modicum of Success

Spent a half day in the studio today with some success. Once again I revisited some old plates and decided to reinterpret them by changing colours and instead of using one of them as I originally printed it - landscape - I turned it to be viewed portrait. That one still needs some work but I think it will work well.

The other plate was originally made as a backdrop for a two plate print but I decided to see what else I could do with it. Having collected a lot of plant material recently for our monotype course I used some fennel seed heads too. The seeds were still not quite dry enough so when the print came out the press the scent of fennel was wonderful and did not adversely affect the print. Got two prints i was pretty happy with.

The thing I was less successful with was using gold leaf. I have been reading Brenda Hartill's book on Collagraphs and tried to follow her instructions for getting the gold leaf to stick to the print but I must be doing something wrong because it sealed itself to the plate which looks great on the plate but that is not where I wanted it. Ideas gratefully received.

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