Monday, 30 November 2009

Final Autumn Friday Workshop

Well last Friday was the final one in a set of four on collagraphs and drypoint. All four students made significant progress and truned out some lovely work. Here is a selection of Marion Prentice's prints - she was prolific and the more she did the more possibilities came to the fore. She had two plates, a collagraph plate and a dry point alluminium plate. She experimented with the printing order, the colours, cutting the collagraph plate up and on and on it went.

Sylvia Lynch was working on a collagraph/drypoint plate on aluminium (one plate) for a Little Red Riding Hood illustration. I only photographed the proof unfortunately but te subsequent prints were coming along nicely. The image on the right is a plate Sylvia made in a previous workshop which she was attempting to print again and improve on. Although it was a lovely plate she was strugglining with the lack of sufficient detail in either texture or line work to get e successful print but will be back for supported sessions to complete it.

These are Ann Bayliss's plates - the collagraph one and the drypoint one in progress. And finally, Neil Pont - applying ink to his drypoint plate followed by the first proof of his drypoint plate. It went through various other transformative stages after this proof and a print using both the collagraph plate with the drypoint plate. Again more work was done to the collagraph plate not recorded here.

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