Thursday, 12 November 2009

Photo Etching - getting reaquainted

Rebecca and I had a rare day together in the studio today re-aquainting ourselves with photo etching. Previously one of our most popular courses when we used to run them from The University Of Newcastle's Fine Art Print department until they decided they no longer wanted 'visiting lecturers' cluttering up their space. No dark room, no exposure unit - we were snookered.

It has taken nearly 2 years to find an affordable exposure unit that doesn't require a dark room and fits our limited storage in the studio. Then one day Rebecca found one on the internet (for £60 ... yes that's right £60). I think you can pay well over £1000.

Today we were practicing based on some initial tests Rebecca had done on exposure times. Between us we will continue to practice and fine tune the exposure times in preparation for the course we are running in the spring.

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