Thursday, 31 December 2009

Up and coming courses

I've hardly been anywhere near the computer over the Christmas period however today I visited some of the other blogs I subscribe to and one that belongs to guest tutor Mandy Pattullo reminded me that I must post a reminder about the courses we have coming up in the spring. Mandy has been doing some preparation for the Floral Monotype course which looks really exciting and I'm looking forward to joining the eveing class again.

The other piece of exciting news to me anyway is I finally purchased a new laptop. I have desperately needed an upgrade for quite some time. Back in October when my son was in hospital I went to investigate and obtain advice on buying a PC laptop. However, in the course of my investigation I was pointed in the  direction of Apple MacBook. It was double what I was originally expecting to pay so I had to have a good think about it.

Today I took the plunge having looked into it in great detail and asking around MAc users vs PC users and those who us both. I am now the proud owner of a MAcBok although it will only be delivered on Monday. Yippee. No more waiting for hours whilst my PC thinks about whether it will comply with my demands!

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