Friday, 29 January 2010

Biscuit Factory Selection on Wednesday

Well, on Wednesday I headed off into Newcastle at 9 a.m for a 10 a.m meeting at The Biscuit Factory to go through the work that our students submitted. One hour should have been more than enough time to get there. The journey is normally 30 minutes but as luck would have it someone broke down on the Tyne Bridge on that day and there were tailbacks on the central motorway in both directions. Fortunately, I had the radio on so I picked it up in time to take alternative route to the gallery.

So instead of arriving with time to spare, calm cool and collected, i arrived at 10.01 somewhat stressed!! The meeting however went exceptionally well. It was the first time I had seen the bulk of the work and although there were only 26 entrants as opposed to last years 43, the quality and quantity of work was great. Such a relief! Sam and Melanie were very positive about it.

The gallery has reserved the same space as last year which means most people will get to show a body of work which is wonderful. It's interesting to see how the exhibition changes subtly year on year.  

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