Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Biscuit Factory Spring Show.

Well, just when we thought no one would be sending in any work, or very few anyway, this week there has been a last minute flurry of people turning up at the studio, portfolio in hand, to see if we thought any of their prints were good enough to go forward to the Biscuit Factory selection panel. And indeed there is a lot of work that I am confident will make it through for the show.

It's interesting though how every year the character of the show changes. I think this coming one will give many of our regular students a chance to show a larger body of work so that they and others can see how their work has developed and how an idea can be developed.

For me though I am still a little concerned that I will have enough new work to show given how I have been unable to get to the studio because of the snow so I am very behind in my preparations. On Rebecca's suggestion I am reprinting some plates that I have sold previously albeit that I always do each one in a new colour palette so no two are the same. I still hope to have at least two done from the new plates i've been making - images previously posted last week - but as yet I still have to become more familiar with the vagaries of the plate surfaces to get a print I am happy with.

I don't know if other printmakers find the same thing? I make a plate and have an idea in my head of how the final print will look and always expect to just go in and print it but it is NEVER that simple. I'm always telling my students that but I still find it deeply frustrating when it just doesn't come together straight away.

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