Thursday, 3 March 2011

Developments on the home and work front.

Some of you may have noticed my posts have been a bit sparse lately. The big bad world out there hit us like a ton of bricks in November when my other half became one of the casualties of the global economic crisis - he was made redundant - creating our very own home grown crisis. Why is it that so many companies seem to choose the season of good will, i.e, Christmas, to unleash their worst?  Boy, that throw the cat amongst the pigeons!

I don't mind telling you that although me and my other half knew it was a possibility I was not prepared for the force with which this piece of bad news hit me (let alone him). My mind has been all over the place so what the hell was I going to write about when I really had no idea where things were heading? Change is often painful, being shaken out of one's comfort zone is, generally speaking, rather uncomfortable. Both those things have been forced on us as a family (and many others - we are not alone) and it's been a pretty difficult time for all of us.

My other half, was on this occasion my better half. He rose to the occasion and has been a tower of strength. He has been quite simply amazing and it has paid off. He started his new job this week.

So are things becoming a bit clearer for me? Well yes, gradually. When the proverbial hit the fan in November we had to reassess EVERYTHING including the prospect of me getting a 'proper' job....! Mmmmm! In my next post I will tell you a bit more as I begin to put flesh on a couple of ideas I'm developing.


Diane Marsland said...

Good Luck! and congratulations on your husband getting a new job... I totally understand as my partner last year was also made redundant just as I had packed my job in. He gave me the opportunity take a year out so that I could return to my art and design and then got his bad news. The last year and half has been a struggle to say the least but there is always light at the end of the tunnel...... Best Wishes... Diane

Carol's Original Prints said...

Thanks Diane. There's quite a few of us out there isn't there? And more to come too. Chris was very lucky to get a job so quickly. He was offered it in mid to late January largely down to his positive attitude and some excellent advice from friends and colleagues who had been through redundancy before.

no naked walls said...

Glad to hear that your husband has got a new job Carol. We have been through a few upsets like this over the years but things often took an unusual turn for the better because of it. I hope this is the case for you.

I enjoy your blog from here in Toronto.


Carol's Original Prints said...

I'm touched by the people who have taken the time to respond to this posting either through comments or email. We know we aren't alone in what hit us but it does help to be 'in touch' with others who have been or are where we were/are.

Thanks Susan and everyone else who have contacted me.

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