Sunday, 18 April 2010

Simple silkscreen using paper stencils

Victoria Troddle

Carole Wisdom

This morning whilst dropping my daughter at work I popped in to the studio to see how our new course in simple silkscreen using paper stencils was going with Clare Satow. The work looked absolutely FAB. Some of the students were printing a metre square piece of fabric and others had opted to make bespoke tea towels. Most had just got the first colour down but two people were motoring on.

Carole was making really beautiful tea towels using hot orange and bright pink flowers. Very simple but very effective. Victoria was printing a piece of chintz with purple pansies. Claire made a good start with jumping salmon (I think) and Louise who has been on many of our courses was printing shoes to satisfy her shoe obsession. Andrea's design looked simple on the face of it but she and Clare were discussing exactly how she needed to go about getting it right. I can't wait to see the end result and Sheila was busy cutting out her stencils still. I couldn't see what she had printed so far.

I'll be going back later today to take photos so watch this space.

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