Tuesday, 4 May 2010

More thoughts on PRINTFEST 2010

The event seemed to attract an informed audience ... informed about what an original print is. The knowledge might have been a little sketchy but most people seemed to appreciate the hand pulled nature of it and there was genuine interest in all the processes and various print media. Our stand gave a very good range of 5 of those processes, Chris Daunt's wood engravings, Kim Lewis's wood engravings and linocuts, Rebecca's copper plate etchings and my collagraphs and monotypes.

Consequently, our stand was also attracting people who were interested in printmaking workshops. It will be interesting to see what happens with enrolments for our summer courses. We gave away and spoke to lots and lots and lots of people who seemed to be really interested. The one disappointment was it was so busy the most we could do was ensure people walked away with both our generic leaflet (which lists the full range of courses we offer) and the summer leaflet with dates. It was simply too busy to collect names and addresses. 

Other advantages of doing the Fair? It was wonderful networking with other printmakers some of whom were well practiced at this fair business. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. In particular, Julia Manning popped round to our stand on Sunday and we had a good conversation about the new camera she was waxing lyrical about. Tessa Pearson was very generous with her tips on framing, printing cards and business cards as well as her working methods. Kim and I swapped cards with Gayle Robinson whose work was simply gorgeous - I had to restrain myself from spending my profits on her work. Next time ....! Joanna Robinson's wood cuts were sublime - No website link that I can find at the moment but if I find one I'll put a link on here. And then of course there is Anja Percival whose was of course Printmaker of the Year. I can't possibly list everyone but those I have are the people I either spoke to or whose work really stuck in my mind when I got home. 

The event provided other networking opportunities too - I was approached by a gallery who was very interested in my work, a teacher who wanted me to run a workshop in her school (although that might be tricky as it is in Cumbria so it will depend on costs, and a couple of places other places expressed interest in possible workshops/exhibition opportunities. I just loved it. I was in my element.


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