Sunday, 9 May 2010

Using the internet

Last Thursday was my day back in the studio after PRINTFEST. It turned out to be a bit of a chaotic day with no creative work of the printing kind done at the end of it.

I was also distracted because it was the day of the funeral of Gerry Ryan, well known Irish broadcaster. Gerry was going out with and eventually married a friend of mine, Morah from college in Dublin in the early 80s. He had just joined RTE FM as a radio DJ when he and Morah first started going out. Anyway, he became part of the fabric of Irish people's lives over the last 30 years when he died suddenly last Friday, April 30th. The whole country is in mourning. I find it hard to believe that all those years ago, when we were 20 somethings, we would find that one of our friends would have such a profound affect on the lives of so many.

His funeral mass was on last Thursday and I wanted to see it online but would you believe it I could not get an internet connection at the studio that day. It was SO frustrating! I managed to catch a short part of it when I popped across the road to the pub for some lunch and then no sooner was I back in the studio than my lunchtime appointment with Heather baxter from Marketing Geni arrived to discuss ways in which we can improve on, understand better and be more effective in our use of the internet. That meeting went on for two hours or so.

Then I returned to the studio with just enough time to hang some but not all of the pictures that came back from PRINTFEST.

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